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Sadly, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies the majority of initial claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.
Our experienced Attorneys can increase your chances of getting the benefits you deserve.

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Social Security Disability Insurance, or workers disability, is a social security program that pays monthly benefits to you if you become disabled before you reach retirement age and are unable to work. Social Security Disability Insurance is one of the most common pathways, designed to provide continued income to people who become unable to continue working due to a physical or mental disability. 

If you are seeking social security disability benefits, have questions about pursuing a legal case, or need immediate help, we can quickly connect you with a local disability attorney in your area.

Our established network of experienced disability attorneys can handle every type of SSD or SSDI case. Simply call us toll-free at 888-988-0067 or complete the form below. An attorney in your area will then assess the validity of your case. There is no cost or obligation for contacting us.

Once you file a disability claim or case, the attorney's expertise in settlement strategy, negotiating tactics and more will be crucial in getting the money you deserve.

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Even If Your Claim Has Been Denied

The representatives will work to secure your benefits even if your claim has previously been denied. Did you know that three out of every four initial applications for disability benefits are denied the first time a person applies? Let a lawyer or advocate improve your chance of approval!

Over 30 years of experience helping connect disability claimants with experienced representatives who can help them through the process of applying for disability benefits.

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